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Our Services

We have team of skilled and professional experts under the able leadership of Mr. Lalit and Mr. Vikram who have been in this industry for quite a long time. They have the complete know how of our domain, supply chain and logistics. They catch the pulse of the customer and supply the products that conform to international standards. They not only ensure supply of the best quality products but also help in delivering the orders in time without and delay. We can also customize the products as per the needs of the customer.

They help in simplifying and accelerating the whole process from procurement of the products to their final delivery. They are committed to provice high quality services which help us attaining our business goals and fulfilling our mission. At Shri Rajendra Glass House, we believe that our most precious asset is you and our success is rooted in continuously serving your needs and building your confidence in us. So, come, enter our world of glass and see the wonderful items we can create for you.